Friday, January 31, 2014

As you can see I haven't made any posts in a while because of my ad-sense account being disabled, but i'm back and ready to help with any of your tech/gaming problems. if this site gets enough buzz, i'll make a YouTube channel for better tutorials and game walkthroughs this blog will be for educational purposes only because i know you guys would only want to do stuff illegally for educational purposes anyway. so feel free to ask away and like it says at the top of the site, your question will be answered in 1 hr to 1 day anytime after 5:00 pm central standard time. If you guess want to know more about how my account got disabled and what steps i'm taking to get it back, then i'll be writing another article on how that works.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

C.O.D black ops 2

tmanthetechman here again to bring you the knowledge. there's a lot of talk and anticipation for this game and i personally think that it will be great. treyarch is stepping up there game with better graphics and a more futuristic multi-player designed to fit your playing needs. the multi-player is said to be set in 2025 including the famous nuketown now nuketown 2025 this version of nuketown is available for black ops 2 and its a free download

Saturday, September 29, 2012

alienware prices

tmanthetechman here again to bring you the knowledge. The alienware computer is the best in my opinion but its very expensive. The cheapest one(m14x)available runs for $1099 but for some reason there is like a discount so its $999.99 with free shipping and handling. the m17x have advanced graphics and 3d capabilities and a bigger screen than the m14x starting at $1499.the alienware m18x has a larger screen and  a little heavier with desktop performance and laptop flexibility starting at $1999 but, you save $250 on m18x  configs, that's all for now.


Tmanthetechman here again to bring you the knowledge. The alienware laptop is probably the best and most advanced computers out there today. They have a very sleek stealth look to them that makes them even more irresistible aside from the famous alienware keyboard affects; their graphics are incredible and perfect for watching movies and browsing the internet. The speed of this computer is unbelievable and practically never freezes if you want know more just visit or just keep reading my blog post.

new iPod nano

Tmanthetechman here again to bring you the knowledge. The iPod nano has been remade for the future. They've added touch screen ability to it as always they've also added a little version of the home button on it. It also has a longer battery life than before preferably about 6 to 7 hours of course depending on brightness and things of that matter. The new and improved iPod nano is selling for about $99.99 in some places. Its also been slimmed down a bit so its really small and thin but another great device from apple.

iPhone 5

Tmanthetechman here again with another post about the popular Iphone five. Now I’m just righting this to tell about the Iphone. apple said that there will be a new processor in the phone(the a6 processor) and it is believed to be 100 times faster that the last it also has a new software call ios 6 which is an update for the Iphone 5 so that everything can fit to that bigger screen. The screen is now about an inch bigger and a couple centimeters thinner which is really a lot when you think about a phone getting reduced to that size for videos and prices you can visit or just Google it.

iPod/iPhone crash fix

If your iPod or Iphone crashes here are a few solutions to that problem:
1.reboot with jailbreak software
2.try to just restart your device
3.restore then jailbreak with different software
These work most of the time but if they don’t then I just say continue searching the web for solutions.